Soliloquy- Inspired by William Shakespeare

To read a book or watch it- that is the question:

Whether to be surprised by one’s own imagination

Or by someone else’s

Whether to dwell in one’s own concerns

Or to gaze, to ent’rtain — and drive a social change

To gaze, perchance to dream, ay there’s the rub,

For in yond watching on the screen,

Can limit the thoughts of us all

For who’d bear the chance to see something untoward,

Or get brainwashed by the violence portrayed

Who would require the need to read books?

Who would burn daylight and read books,

But yond the dread of something that provides thee knowledge,

And immerse ourselves in the knits and bits of crazy wonders

Imagine the unimaginable things,

And yond makes us to brood in solitude,

This conscience does make the readers of us all,

To the bliss reading creates

As if sleeping with open eyes, ineffable

Baw bling books big ideas

For this ephemeral world will unleash innovation by reading,

A reader is the one who lives a thousand times

And the one who doesn’t, lives only one!



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